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102: Watch and Pray

103: Lazarus and the Rich Man

104: The Eternity Test

105: God's Word of Prophecy Fulfilled

106: Cheerleaders for Christ

107: What is the Gospel of My Salvation

108: The Bride Vs. the Body of Christ

109: Is God Simple?

110: The Ant and the Grasshopper

111: Who is Your Apostle?

112: Goals to Reach

113: Dietary Commands Compared

114: Paid in Full for the Gentiles

115: The Lord Gave

116: Practical Living

117: Happy Memorial Day; Give Thanks

118: Our Life: A Memorial for Christ

119: Strong in His Grace

120: Crunch Question and Answer

121: Are You Seated on Earth or in Heaven?

122: Blood Eating Thereof--Part 1

123: Israel's Atonement Regarding Blood, Etc.--Part 2

124:The Giver of Gifts

125:Not Made With Hands

126:Jesus' Death and Commands to the Eleven

127:The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars

128: A Good Foundation

129: Eyes

130: Circumcision

131: Have You Heard?

132: Believe Paul or Not Believe Paul

133: Walk Worthy

134: Dispensation of Law Compared to Dispensation of Grace

135: Do You Want to Go to Heaven?

136: Do You Want to Escape Hell?

137: Love--Marital Choices

138: How Does God Save a Person?

139: Is Your House Burning Down?

140: What About Signs?

141: What Other God Would Die For You?

142: How I Know That I Am Saved

143: Thankfulness to God Compared to Self Righteousness

144: Persecution

145: God is not at War with Man

Youth Messages

Adoption #101C

Power Source #102C

Examples in Word and Deed: #103C

The Giver of Gifts: 104C

105C: Walk Worthy

106C: Two Gospels

107C: How Does God Save a Person?

108C: Why is Charity the Greatest Gift?

109C: Love: Marital Choices

110C: What Other God Would Die for You?

111C: What is the Good, Acceptable, and Perfect Will of God?

112C: Thanksfulness to God Compared to Self-Righteous Thanksgiving

113C: Persecution